Education in america презентация на английском

After acting Off-Broadway and making mix-tapes, she was introduced to rapper Lil Wayne, who signed her to Young Money Entertainment and launched her career. Presenters: • Penny Marzulli, deputy executive director, Brooklyn Prospect Charter School, N.Y. • Halley Potter, fellow, The Century FoundationModerator: • Arianna Prothero, staff writer, Education Week View this on-demand webinar now. This became the home of the newly established Sisters of the Presentation of Staten Island.[2] San Francisco[edit] In November, 1854, five Presentation Sisters arrived in San Francisco from Ireland at the invitation of Archbishop Sadoc Alemany. This webinar took place on February 11, 2016 @ 2 p.m. ETView this on-demand webinar now. But what kind of research or evidence do schools really want? Using PBL, educators can encourage students to have a voice and choice in what and how they learn so they can take ownership of their learning. Download the PowerPoint presentation. As part of a nationwide survey conducted in late 2016, the Education Week Research Center asked teachers and district leaders to share their views on the ESSA transition.

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education in america презентация на английском

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