Презентация olympus e pl3

Hot pixels also pop up in the JPEG versions of the high-ISO-sensitivity photos. At low ISO sensitivities, there’s enough latitude to retouch underexposed photos without unduly increasing image noise. However, if the problem occurs sporadically and chiefly only after attaching a lens then it is possible the lens(es) may not have been attached properly. Компактные размеры, приятный вес и множество различных фильтров в камере позволяли быстро получить красивый снимок. С аппаратом не хотелось расставаться, и я его готов был даже купить. Doing so reduces shutter lag2 because the camera does not need to search for a subject in all AF targets. However, when placed next to the solid-looking E-P3 the PEN Lite reveals itself to actually be slightly deeper due to the added dimension of the protruding lens mount and tilt/flip LCD screen. Характеристики: — 12.3 МП LiveMOS — TruePic VI — 3.0” OLED (460 000 точек) — Full HD 1920х1080i (AVCHD). Съёмная вспышка — также в комплекте. На презентации также были продемонстрированы новые модели диктофонов Olympus. Press the (right arrow) button on the arrow pad. You get a larger, classic rangefinder-style body, an OLED touchscreen display, interchangeable grips, a few more Art Filters, and an electronic level. Olympus can only guarantee the operation of Olympus flash units.Can I use a shutter sync spreed higher than 1/160 second with the E-PL3?The optional FL-50R, FL-36R, FL-50 and FL-36 flash units have a Super FP Flash mode which enables flash sync at shutter speeds higher than 1/160th of a second.

презентация olympus e pl3

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